Horse Riding Tips For Your Safety And Enjoyment

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Horse riding is a great experience once you have learned how to do it correctly. Below are some horse riding tips that can help guarantee your safety and enjoyment while riding your equestrian friend. Balance And PostureAs you sit on top of the animal,Guest Posting you need to determine where you feel most balanced.  The part where the back is able to be hollowed and where the hips begin will somehow serve as shock absorber.  It is the area that needs flexibility and will move along with the movement of the horse. Your ankles, knees, shoulders and neck should feel loose. As you continue to practice, you will become more at ease with horse riding.

When you ride in an improper posture and balance, you will just feel uncomfortable and sore. Your shoulders and head must both be up. You need to sit straight or you may also lean slightly toward the back. This position while atop the horse will help you remain secure while riding.  If you were leaning forward and the animal bucks, the only place you will probably end up is on the ground. Caution When Getting OffBeing careful in handling the horse is important, even so in riding.

Accidents do happen. The nyc horse carriage rides reviews  animal may trip and you can get thrown. The best way to deal with it is to follow your instincts.  If you feel that the horse did not feel right the moment you get on it, get off already to try and to regroup again. If the second mounting still feels not right, then it is best to just resume riding the next day.  This will help keep you and your horse both safe.Lead, But Do Not DictateWhen riding a horse, it is a must that you also consider what the animal thinks and feels about what you desire it to do.

Suppose you are in the horse’s place, you would probably not want to be carrying a rider on your back when the day is so hot. Remember that as a rider, you are the leader of the animal.  Direct the animal what it needs to do in the best possible way. Horses are actually better learners than humans as they could learn eight times as fast as humans can. Repetition is not the key, but variety.

Always consider the limits and feeling of your horse for every command that you want it to perform.  As much as possible, you need to make the animal happy so it will obey you.  Heels Kept DownThis is very crucial in horseback riding. With the heels remaining downward, you will become more secure.  Most importantly, this heel position will also prevent your feet from getting caught in the stirrup in case the horse become spooked or surprised.

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