We often get lots of questions about what its want to run a photoshoot so I thought it’d be correct to proportion a few insights behind the curtain for our 2014 marketing campaign Henri Deroche Photographe mariage.

The Concept
About two months in the past, Duyen and I came up with the concept for a campaign that turned into minimalist but ambitious. It wasn’t precisely a floor breaking idea however we notion it would be effective – we wanted the particular pieces to talk for themselves (I like to go by way of K.I.S.S. Version – Keep It Simple Silly!) As our first marketing campaign it changed into crucial for our readers to realize who we’re and the style we want to portray without the distraction of any fancy backgrounds. Also, it became honestly hot and I failed to want to head outdoor.

The Prep
This bit took the longest and consisted of coordinating with the designers to look who ought to get their clothes to us on time whilst styling the outfits some special approaches. It turned into some thing that I become searching forward to. Remember lower back in primary school how you’ll must cut out images and make a college by means of gluing it right into a ebook? Well, it’s exactly like the identical except as opposed to compliments like “Wow that appears incredible Ricky, that cowboy hat absolutely goes with that spacesuit, properly process!”, it is greater like “I’m now not positive how that neoprene texture will appearance with the ones heels”. Oh how times have modified. Duyen and I would occasionally have differing evaluations on what looks higher however it all works out ultimately whilst you can bribe her with meals.

The prep additionally intended we scouted for studios to make certain we had a large sufficient space and the right lighting fixtures for our shoot. We additionally took the threat to do a take a look at shoot the use of ourselves because the models. It’s where I got my trusty new profile image from!

The Hunt for the Model
Looking for fashions is some thing I’m now not used to due to the fact that I generally picture weddings, meals or landscapes. We thought it might be a particularly easy process in particular when we commenced getting applications rolling in. “Sweet! We have such a lot of women to choose from!” – but regrettably after every week, the applications persevered to roll in and we ended up with actually loads of candidates. In a manner, it changed into quite eye beginning, we had no idea the modelling enterprise became so saturated and aggressive which certainly makes you recognize what models have to address and their resilience to stay inside the enterprise.

We truly ended up feeling pretty horrific understanding that there are so many stunning girls available and we simplest needed one. We had an image built up in our head already of what we desired our version to appear to be – someone who turned into robust and edgy however not to the point of grundgy – it is one of those appears that may be a bit hard to articulate but you realize it when you see it.

The Shoot
The bulk of the time certainly came from hair and make-up. The real shoot is the very best bit and went by means of pretty speedy seeing that we had styled the outfits earlier than hand. And thank goodness – it was a 30 diploma day in Melbourne and there has been no air conditioner within the studio! It certainly helped that we had a terrifi model who changed into just so expert and did not want any steerage as well as a exceptional makeup artist who helped out beyond her obligations.