This Acer AJ17 Monitor got here in with the complaint of extensive display and distortion (line swimming) throughout the vertical line of the display. Although you can alter the horizontal size, you just can not make it into smaller and the horizontal length nonetheless massive and curve inward. You may also simply see all the vertical strains on the display have a small wave (distortion) throughout it. At first I concept it became as a result of a defective clear out capacitor at secondary facet of the show but all of the capacitors checked to be ok Fix my Samsung.

Since all the caps examined k, now I fully concentrate on the horizontal size and pincushion circuit place. If there are any additives shorted or defective in this vicinity, it will reason the display to head large (huge) and in many instances you cannot tune it again to ordinary length. From experienced, mainly the hassle was the modulation diode which have shorted or a pincushion transistor that have leaked. But both components and all of the nearby circuit components checked to be okay too. Using excessive voltage probe to check at the anode voltage proved it to inside the proper range. For your facts, if the holddown or safety capacitor capacitance value out it can additionally purpose the show to show huge however of direction the excessive voltage measured on the anode cap might be better.

Since all of the suspected components measured ok, I would then use voltage trying out to find the fault. Just earlier than doing the voltage test, I found that the eeprom ic is installed just underneath the image tube. If any eeprom ic in any monitor positioned under the stomach of the CRT, then possibilities are excessive the records might be corrupted by way of the release of the CRT.

If you repair a number of the trendy version of Samsung Monitor, you’ll recognize why because the Samsung screen had a piece of aluminum protective to protect the microprocessor and eeprom IC from being discharge onto it. A corrupted eeprom information should cause the micro processor to output a incorrect sign to positive or all circuit. If it ship a wrong sign to the DPMS circuit, then the display will shutdown as soon as the electricity is on.

The ACER AJ17 eeprom IC component number turned into 24C08. I used to preserve top eeprom records in my hardisk for destiny use just in case if there’s a want to reprogram the eeprom IC. I took out the eeprom IC from the board and insert it to the center socket of the horse prog eeprom serial programmer. I then connect it to the serial port of my computer and begin to search for the coolest records for this model. I do maintain a variety of ACER display eeprom IC data. Once I were given it, I overwrite the old records with the coolest records.

Installing back the eeprom IC took simplest some time and the Monitor became switched “on”. Guess what? Not simplest the horizontal size now were given returned to regular, the distortion on the vertical strains vanished too. You higher believe it that a corrupted eeprom IC should purpose many weird symptoms. For a few monitors, once the eeprom IC have been programmed, although the reveal paintings, the color may additionally run. Some techs are appropriate in changing the code inside the facts and tune to the desire colours.

In order to make the brand new reprogrammed eeprom facts final longer, you may add a bit of protecting on top of the EEprom IC to save you any loss facts inside the destiny. Bare in mind that, eeprom records loss now not handiest takes place in monitor, it is able to take place in other electronic equipment too such as LCD Monitor, Television, UPS and and so on. Whether you are repairing the ACER AJ17 or any other brand of Monitors, in case you come upon any weird issues that you can’t resolve, try reprogramming the eeprom IC and who is aware of the monitor may go once more. In order to do that, of direction you want a serial programmer which you can effortlessly purchase one from the net.