Football, Football And More Football

Spurs, after finishing no worse than ninth in the Premiership since 2004 (9th, 4th and 5th) have got rid of the man who took them to those dizzying heights, Martin Jol. Again because of a mixture of a slow start to the season and a serious lack of support from the Board and fans alike an honourable man has been kicked out of the door.

This has unfortunately not come as a shock to anybody, as far back as August photographes of Spurs officials meeting Jaundo Ramos (then Sevilla manager) appearsd in a Seville newspaper. And lo and behold, who has just handed in his resignation? You got it-Ramos!!

This is not the first time it has happened (Steve Bruce, Ian Dowie, Harry Redknapp….) and I’m fairly certain it will not be the last time. Players and managers these days seem to have contempt for any contract that they sign. Very rare are the days when someone like Ryan Giggs will spend their career at the same club – Loyalty has become a rare commodity.

I can still remember a cold damp evening at Old Trafford and a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace. What sticks in my memory more were the chants of ” Fergie Out! ” and they were the polite chants! A bit of patience and more importantly SUPPORT and well the rest is glorious history! I can still remember conversations with United fans at the time and it is amazing how many have retrospectively changed their opinions, you know the ” I always knew he would come good ” type of person who would’ve gladly hung Fergie from the rafters in the Trafford pub after that game!

All of the Tottenham players have held their hands up and admitted that they have not performed, they do Not blame the manager, they do www.ufabet Not blame the systems or formations, so why should we? If you want to blame anybody then maybe the English FA or UEFA or FIFA for making the players play a stupid amount of games at the wrong times!

Personally, even though by Spur’s standards Jol has done well, I think that they couldn’t wait to see him out the door. Martin Jol, an honourable man, has been treated disgracefully by the board, the fans and Tottenham Hotspur as a whole.
Anybody connected with Spurs should be bloody ashamed of themselves!!