FIFA Suspends Nigeria From All Competitions

The world football governing body FIFA has descended its disciplinary hammer on Nigeria for what it termed ‘Government interference in football matters.’ This action has long been awaited by a lot of soccer followers, following the protracted tussles between government authorities and The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

This step taken by FIFA would have been long averted if football had been administered by men of reputation in the country. The country has carved a niche for herself in the sphere of soccer by being Africa’s most respected country in that area. Unfortunately, those in charge of football have only been interested in how much they could make for themselves and not how to move the country forward soccer wise.

This unfortunate twist has affected the country’s football fortunes negatively in recent times. The performances of the various age grade teams have nosedived; most recently Nigeria was eliminated from the Africa U-17 championship qualifiers by Congo. Needless to talk about the lackluster performance of the Super Eagles at the 2010 world cup in South Africa. The fortunes of The Super Falcons also dwindled as they lost the last Africa Women Championship title to little known Equatorial Guinea.

In most countries of the world, soccer is administered by people who know about the game, especially ex-footballers and those who are passionate about the game. The reverse has been the case in Nigeria where football is administered by those who know little or nothing about sports.

The abolition of the unpopular decree 101 was supposed to bring succour to soccer administration in the country; but the Mafias and insatiable politicians in sports have refused to let go. They have denied the people with the wherewithal the chance to run football.

The government has invested much in football with little or nothing to show for it. Each time there’s a major competition, there has always been the issue of poor preparation due to unavailability of funds. In recent times funds meant for the national teams were either reported stolen, misappropriated or mismanaged by the authorities.

Elections were to be conducted recently to bring in credible people to run football: unfortunately the process was hijacked by the ‘pot bellies’ who believed their placentas have been planted in the ‘glass house’ and that no other person should be allowed to come in and change the way things are being done there.

In as much as FIFA does not condone government interference, there should be a mechanism put in place to ensure that only people are accountable to the masses are allowed to manage the game of soccer. Corrupt people should not be allowed to perpetuate themselves in office.

FIFA should think of working with government to evolve a system that would help get the best hands to take care of football rather than being antagonistic to  อัตราต่อรองบอล ufabet moves made by the latter to sanitize the system. They should work as partners and work together for the good of the game. By so doing, the game would develop faster and more money would be made by the countries and by FIFA.

When there is less corruption, enough money would be made available for players’ welfare and for organizing trainings, friendlies, and for executing developmental projects. When the right things are done, there would be less friction between players and the officials regarding payment of bonuses, return tickets and treatment of injured players.