Anyone For Foosball?

Foosball, more commonly know in the UK as Bar Football is a popular pub game played with normally two or four players. I have seen it played with 8 players, but it does get quite crowded but is great fun for a good night in. There is also believe or not a table that exists in Berlin which will take eleven players each side comfortably, although you are going to need a fairly large room to house it in. This really detracts from the whole idea of foosball, which is to replicate a game of football in a small space.

The name Foosball is derived from the German name for football, which is Football. It is believed that variations of the game date back to the 1890’s, but the game was not commercialized and patented until 1923.

A foosball table is quite a complex piece of apparatus and whilst you can make your own quite easily, quite a few of the parts like the players, the ball and the rods will have to be purchased, although there are quite a few shops or internet sites that will supply you with the necessary parts.

There is also a new variation on the theme which is Human สมัคร ufabet มือถือ foosball. Great fun to play, the sides are inflatable and the pitch is normally around fifty feet by twenty feet. Players are harnessed to horizontal bars, which slide from side to side as in the normal game. Having played this a few times I will say you use more energy than playing normal football and the action can get very hectic at times, much like in the table top version. We even managed to move the whole pitch several feet across the field. The only thing you can’t do is spin on the bars through 350 degrees.

Guy Draper