AAU Football – It’s Growing Every Year

AAU football is growing bigger and bigger each and every year. It is following in the footsteps of AAU basketball, which has been the central focus of college basketball recruiting for many years. Football recruits are now using these tournaments as their primary avenue to get more exposure for college coaches.

The Amateur Athletic Union or AAU does not actually sponsor these events at the high school age, but just like in basketball, all of these off season tournament events have become known as AAU events. Some college coaches are very happy about these tournaments and the recruiting news that comes from them, while other coaches are worried that it just opens the door for some coaches who are trying to cash in on the process.

AAU football tournaments operate just like their basketball counterparts. They bring together the most talented players and play tournament style football. These tournaments are single elimination, unlike the round-robin format in basketball. Unlike regular football, these tournaments are seven-on-seven instead of the usual eleven man roster.

Seven-on-seven tournaments are nothing new. For quite a while, high school coaches have sent their skill-position players to various tournaments to polish their timing, throwing, catching and coverage skills. But those tournaments have ทางเข้า ufabet always been tied to high school teams. High school coaches aren’t allowed to coach these teams, but they are encouraged to watch their school’s team to ensure the rules are being followed.

Although college coaches are not currently allowed to attend these AAU football events, they pay attention to what happens at these tournaments. They quickly learn who excelled at these tournaments and who was a flop. These results are very important indicators because the players are going against the very best competition. Some lesser known recruits have really made a name for themselves at these tournaments.

In the coming years, coaches across the country will have to take AAU football more seriously. Love it or hate it, grassroots football has arrived and it’s here to stay.

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